How to use Saffron

Our project aims at enhancing the high quality of the Italian Organic Saffron Pistils (produced by our Podere Sant’Antonio Farmhouse) and at promoting the dissemination of accurate and detailed information regarding this product of excellence, still unclear today and not entirely known by the users of the spice.

Today we will explain to you how to use the Saffron Pistils.

The Pistils, or Stigmas , are the three red filaments that are found at the center of each beautiful violet flower.

The use of Saffron Pistils takes time, but the final result is definitely worth the effort: let’s see how to use them!

First of all, let’s say that the Saffron Pistils must be kept in infusion so that they can release the characteristic colour and aroma.

The procedure is very simple:

Put the Stigmas in a cup.

Fill it half with hot water, milk or broth.

Cover the cup.

Leave to infuse for at least 60 minutes.

Put the infusion in your recipe, at the vey end of cooking (e.g. the last 5 minutes).

We increase the understanding of how to best use the Red Gold.

First of all it is important to underline that, once the Saffron Stigmas have been preserved and after, they have been purchased, they must be stored in a cool and dry place.

Longer the infusion time, brighter will be the intense yellow colour and stronger the unmistakable aroma released by the spice: please note that the infusion time must be at least 60 minutes.

We advise to respect the indicated times in order to allow the colouring substances, bitter and odorous to mix with the liquid in which they are immersed.

The infusion can also be stored for 48 hours, if duly covered and left in the refrigerator.

The liquid used for the infusion must be hot but not very hot: saffron is thermolabile and at high temperatures it loses some of its organoleptic properties; it is for this reason that we recommend to add the spice only at the end of cooking.

As for the dose, the typical recommended saffron bag is 0.15 gr and this is enough to cook a dish for four people.

That being said, we hope you’ll enjoy the Red Gold and its amazing taste: try it!